Normal check in is 9/8/2007 and checking out 9/11/2007. Rooms may be reserved for the nights from 9/7/2007 through 9/11/2007 only.

ACCP 36th Annual Meeting Hotel Reservation Request Form
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Your Reservation request will be transmitted on this secure form to the hotel registration company who is responsible for the rooming list for the meeting. Once your reservation has been transmitted, it will be checked for errors and then sent to the hotel registration company. An email will immediately be sent to you listing the details of your reservation request. Your reservation will be recorded within the reservation system and is transmitted to the hotel on predetermined dates. When the hotel generates a confirmation number it will be  emailed to your email address in your record.
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Palace Hotel September 8 - 11, 2007
2 New Montomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Note: All requests concerning smoking/non smoking, bedding type and other requests, while usually accommodated by the hotel, are not guaranteed. Other requests such as more than two people in a room or requests for a crib may incur an additional charge.
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We have two disounted room rates reserved. The first is at $239.00 + tax and the second is at $289.00+ tax per night. Tax is 14.07%.
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           You must cancel your reservation at least 3 days
                 in advance to avoid a charge to your credit card.
                 Call 1 800 456 3585 to cancel or change a
This form is for NEW Reservations ONLY
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$40 extra per night for third person in room. Max of 3 people in a room.
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